Keeping your computer systems and services running effectively and efficiently isn’t rocket science—if you know what you’re doing. At AllThingsIT, that’s been our job since 1986. Thanks to decades of experience, we know what to look for and how to fix it. Let us take a look at your network, and we’ll show you the causes of problems you’ve suffered through but couldn’t diagnose.

After we tune up your systems and get rid of the cobwebs, our behind-the-scenes monitoring technology allows us to keep an eye out for problems before they can affect you. You don’t even have to call us to keep everything running smoothly. We offer you solutions and peace of mind, not guesswork and excuses. No more finding out your network’s down because critical data become unavailable. No more worrying about what your employees are doing on line.

Let us get rid of your IT headaches and worries.

We have several types of IT service plans to let you choose the level of support that meets your needs and suits your budget. Get back to doing what you do best: running your business. Call 317-755-0200 or e-mail us for more information about managed IT services in the Indianapolis area.

Our Mission Statement

The real value of any technological and infrastructure upgrade includes the functionality it adds, the functions it improves, and the cohesiveness with which it integrates into existing systems and expectations. While the selection of a set of technological products may seem like the beginning of the process, choosing the right vendor trumps any product offering. Quite simply, hardware is a commodity while functionality is not. The right partner transforms a list of products (however aptly chosen) into a system that functions in full alignment with customer needs and expectations and is truly greater than the sum of its parts.

Our Principals

Andy Thomas, President

Andy Thomas began his career servicing IBM mainframe systems. When his work focus changed to providing support for the newly introduced IBM PC, Andy began to realize the potential these systems offered for small-business computing. In response, he started PC Solutions, which grew to 25 employees and reached the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Top 10 list of Indiana computer companies. Just as he foresaw the impact of the desktop in the workplace, Andy anticipated the Internet’s impact on the desktop and refocused his business efforts on providing system and network support. AndrewGroup, the parent company of AllThingsIT, draws on the full breadth of Andy’s experience to provide support for tomorrow’s needs and today’s technology.

Sheri Thomas, Office Manager

Sheri Thomas combines her sales, customer service and accounting backgrounds to bring her unique understanding of customer needs to every aspect of AllThingsIT’s interaction with clients and prospects. She is dedicated to providing personal service to match the professionalism, technical expertise and integrity of AllThingsIT’s system support.