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Andy Thomas, founder and President of AndrewGroup, Inc., has been involved in IT field service since 1977. As a field service engineer for Bunker Ramo, he serviced mainframe attached peripherals, banking equipment and the stock brokerage industry throughout Indiana. Sales for Bunker Ramo tapered off drastically in the mid 80s and he began working at a firm called Sorbus (Latin for service). Andy was the was assigned the duty of supporting the newly introduced IBM PCs, rather than the larger mini and mainframe computer systems. He completely immersed himself in the IBM PC and the entire personal computer revolution that would help shape his career and his future IT business.

Sorbus was a service-only company and the many clients Andy visited on a daily basis were looking for solutions to their business using the IBM PC and he started selling and supporting software and hardware solutions as a side business. In August of 1986, 18 months after joining Sorbus, Andy decided the future was in IT services to PC-based computers and started his own IT company. He submitted his resignation and went home to tell his wife the wonderful news – she of course thought he was nuts, but eventually supported his decision and is now an active part of the AllThingsIT team.

As a result of Andy’s extensive experience, AllThingsIT specializes in support work and does it very well. Over the last 20 years AllThingsIT has supported almost every type of system developed, making it a point to stay on top of current technology. AllThingsIT understands, big or small, if your computer systems fail, employees get frustrated and productivity goes out the window. Our proactive and expert services keep your systems running smoothly.

For IT support services in the Indianapolis area, please call 317-755-0200 or e-mail us.

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