Network Monitoring

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“I don’t feel well.” is the ubiquitous cry of a child who is suffering from a stomach ache or any of the dozen of maladies of childhood. Children, despite their simplicity can easily communicate what is wrong to those who can help them make it right. Servers, despite their complexity cannot. Servers crash, data disappears, work stops and the voodoo in the server is at fault. The server, on its own, can’t tell us before it fails that “I don’t feel well.”

Tools of the Trade

In 1990 SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) allowed a centralized collector to request and receive status updates on the health of network connected equipment. SNMP is used every day in enterprise environments with thousands of servers, and by telephone and data providers to monitor their networks. Every Windows PC is capable of using this tool to report on its health and vital statistics before there is a problem.

Experts at AllThingsIT have utilized SNMP to monitor networks for years, adaptively locating and fixing flaws and ailments before they become show stoppers. Industry standard open source and custom tools allow our computer and device monitoring program to bring order to your network, peace among your servers and goodwill to the desktops.

Your Specific Need

Do you have applications your customers or employees use remotely to interact with your company or telework? It’s embarrassing when they’re down and you don’t know about it, and even more embarrassing when the IT department doesn’t know. To schedule a personal consultation about how to best monitor your network, please contact AllThingsIT at 317-755-0200 or send us an e-mail.

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