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The trouble with personal computers isn’t the computers. It’s the users.

Just because they’re called personal computers doesn’t mean they’re meant for personal use. Your employees wouldn’t spray paint their desks, dismantle their phones, change the company logo or play paintball in the hallways. Just ask them. They’ll look at you like you’re nuts.

But the same people who wouldn’t dream of doing something that outrageous might not think twice about installing unauthorized software on their work computers, visiting porn websites, answering “yes” to a popup window that leads to a phishing attack on passwords and other sensitive information or introducing a virus into your computer network (and was that really an accident?).

When it comes to risky behavior on company property, someone has to draw the line. That would be you, right? After all, you’re the boss. But just because you stipulate what is and isn’t okay doesn’t mean you have the slightest idea how to enforce the rules.

That’s where we come in: to make things simple and keep them that way.

The Invisible Nanny

AllThingsIT can help you keep an eye on things. We can make sure Joe’s love of online auctions stays at home, keep Jane’s interest in naughty pictures off her work computer, stop John from accidentally giving away the password to his accounts—and keep him from using his dog’s name in the first place. Not to mention putting a stop to that virus Jill’s about to set loose on your network.

“But my employees aren’t children,” you say. “Isn’t it insulting to subject them to that kind of scrutiny?”

Let’s be polite about it: No. What’s at stake if your employees treat the computers on their desks as if they’re the computers at home?

Chaos. Liability. Loss. It’s something you can (and must) make sure you regulate in order to protect your company, your assets, your customers and your livelihood.

The ultimate mark of respect for your employees is to treat them all the same: like people who are capable of doing the right thing but deserve to be protected from the chance that one of them might not do that.

Let AllThingsIT keep an eye on things for you. Choose the level of support that meets your needs and suits your budget. And get back to doing what you do best: running your company.

To schedule a personal consultation, please contact AllThingsIT at 317-755-0200 or send us an e-mail.

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