VoIP Phone Systems

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VoIP phone systems are a great way to get advanced business phone features without the cost associated with a traditional PBX system. We provide turnkey VoIP solutions using Snom phones. The sheer size and capability of their feature set has made Snom phones one of the best known and recognized desktop phones in the industry.

Snom phones provide a seamless experience and reduced support overhead because of their plug-and-play functions. They are ideal for offices with as few as two users to up to hundreds of users. Get on-hold music, call forwarding, fax-to-e-mail, auto-attendants, multiple voicemail boxes and extensions and other business phone features.

5 Reasons to Choose VoIP Phones from Snom

Open Standards: Snom uses SIP (a generally accepted standard for making calls) and other well-known standards like HTTP, XML and CSTA to ensure maximum openness. Proprietary protocols have been minimized as much as possible. This ensures your investment will be useful for time to come.

PBX Architecture: The PBX (private branch exchange or “local telephone switch”) is easily configurable without having to know programming code or scripting languages. All features are ready to use and can be accessed from a web interface.

Cell Phones: Snom phone systems can be programmed with hunt groups to find or follow an extension to another extension, voicemail box or cell phone. Additionally, there are special Snom cell phones that are an available option for your VoIP system.

Security:  Snom phones use standardized security features to ensure phone call privacy. Automatic denial of service detection, reporting and defense make Snom phones usable in environments where exposure of publically routable IP addresses is required.

Stability: Maximum uptime adds tremendous value to your phone system. Together with a suitable virtualization environment, Snom phones can be protected against hardware failures, as well as the possibility of losing calls due to a hardware failure.